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Devices for design and implementation of telecommunications systems, in a growing market that demands a more capable ecosystem to cope with new demanding environments.Cellular modules, switches, connectors, baluns, antennas, filters, and wireless infrastructure design.


Devices for OEMs and after-market vending for the automotive industry. We move along the constant changing industry to offer the latest technology for the industry. Lighting, IoT, telecommunications, and power applications. Commercial Vehicles, infotainment systems, engine systems, body & security ADAS, electronics, motor controllers for interior applications, power electronics for electric and hybrid architectures.


Components and devices for lighting design and implementation, LED, protection devices, control devices, and drivers. Streetlight, Industrial applications, LED drivers, lighting control modules, PWM IC, automation and remote lighting control for interior and exterior environments.


We provide the most field-tested silicon carbide and GaN Power Solutions. High power applications searching for the highest efficiencies in the transforming industry and fastest switching technologies for telecommunications and protection devices. Automotive applications, industrial, renewable energies, RF, and material applications.MOSFET technology, Schottky diodes, bare dies, EV powertrains and chargers, datacenter and power supplies, motor drives, commercial induction heating, aerospace and defense, solar and wind power.

IoT / Industry 4.0

Devices for design and implementation of IoT technologies across different industries, automation, embedded software for UI/UX integration, circuitry components, and connectivity modules.Wi-Fi, Snap, ISM, BLE, Bluetooth, GNSS, 2G, 3G, & 4G Modems, proprietary, antennas, SAW, baluns, and embedded software.


Devices for the daily consumer regarding digital storage.RAM and SSD technologies.


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Components and devices for the aerospace industry, connection technology, communications, energy management, signal processing.Attenuators, filters, switches, connectors, standard industry harnesses, fueling indicator standard harnesses, shells, amplifiers, and limiters.


A very complete portfolio for design and implementation of white goods, hardware, IoT integration, motor controllers, power application modules, and connectors.Mechanical switches, highly integrated motor controllers, displays, UI/UX software for embedded integration, and circuitry components.